Why You Should Sketch

Why I love to sketch!

  1. Sketches are AWESOME! Just like this hippo.hippo
  2. They can be of anything and everything. Try experiment with different shapes.sketch.jpg
  3. You can set your mind free…literally.pshychiatrist.jpg
  4. As an architecture student sketches are considered work…well, if you can justify them that is;)moon.jpeg
  5. Sketching is a good way to strengthen your drawing techniques.fish
  6. You can sketch anywhere you go. Get out, explore and sketch what you see.trees.jpg
  7. It gives you a purpose, even if you people tell you otherwise.you suck.jpg
  8. Literally there are hundreds of other possibilities. Don’t stay up too late though, you might end up looking like this walrus. I know i’ve definitley felt like this.2.JPG

I usually turn my old textbooks or school books into notebooks which I use in studio at uni, or just wherever I end up travelling to. I rarely buy actual notebooks, but when I do they’re usually the moleskin notebooks, just cos they’re easy to carry around, the paper is usually good quality and they look pretty sick! I always manage to fill them up straight away with random doodles and quotes…I really need to start focusing more:p

Why do you sketch?

This cracked me up:



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Seeing as you want to know about me, what about you?! I'll go first;) I'm currently studying Architecture at University. I love making models and drawing!

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Sketch

  1. Great post!! I’ve been a bit precious about my sketching, I’m fairly new to it and have been trying too hard to draw well but I’m trying to loosen up a bit more now and use more imagination. Love the sketches you’ve posted here!

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    1. Ahh thanks! Glad you liked the post. I too get pretty precious over my sketching, but I found the best way to get past it is to just have fun and experiment with different styles. Awesome to hear from you, best of luck with your art \(^u^)/

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  2. I tried sketching today and gave up to visit my journal. I ended up sketching in the journal because I wasn’t sure what to write and then went back to my sketchbook to write a note I thought of while doodling. In other words, I’m hopeless at sketching and can’t be helped.


    1. Hey there Sabiscuit:) Ah don’t say you can’t sketch, at least you’ve made a start and don’t give up, it takes time to make progress. Sometimes I just get so frustrated trying to think of something to sketch that I end up not sketching at all, or the things I do sketch just don’t look the way I intended it to. It really can be a vicious cycle :p Hope it all goes well! Good to hear from you.

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