The Roman Forum

Annnnnd the sketch of the day is of The Roman Forum! (This sketch is just a small part of the whole of the Roman Forum though)

Just thought i’d give you some interesting facts on Roman Forums just in case you wanted to know, y’know. So I searched the web and funnily enough ended on a forum about forums XP

In architectural terms a Roman Forum (pronounced Forum Romanum in Latin) is basically an open public space in a Roman city, like a plaza. Rome is quite well known for its ancient forums and this particular forum has been called ‘the most celebrated meeting place in the world, and in all history’. I thought that was pretty cool!  




Anyway onto this sketch!… not gonna lie, but I actually hate using colour. I’m definitely more into using black and white which some people find boring, but for me it is literally what gives me life! Man, literally anything in black and white I will find it awesome, especially classic films and art. The reason I’m saying this is because I have been trying to break out of my shell and force myself to use colour, and yeah I know you’re probably gonna say “this drawing has barely got any colour in it” or “you did a pretty shit job of colouring inside the lines” (which I totally did :p) but for me it’s a pretty good step towards loosening up my style and experimenting, so yeah, I’m pretty chuffed.

the roman forum.JPG


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