A Mandala is a religious symbol used widely in India. It represents the universe, the meaning of life! There are many different variations of the Mandala and this is one of my versions I came up with.

I wanted to try the stippling technique as I had never done it and it seemed pretty interesting. Stippling is where you use dots to make up an image. At first I thought it would be quite difficult, but because I had done an outline of my image it actually proved quite easy, just fill in the gaps and be consistent (by consistent I mean don’t bunch up your dots and end up with a ‘black hole’ on your page). However, the hard part was sitting down for hours and dotting the page with ink, after a while it kills your hand. When it comes to drawing I usually get pretty focused and always end up staying up until 3am  most nights…I just can’t seem to stop being a student! – It’s summer and I’m supposed to be relaxing on holiday but I literally can’t stop drawing.

Here are the stages my first mandala went through plus the 2nd one I’m working on!


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My 2nd mandala in progress (bonus points to anyone who gets the 42 pun):

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What gives your life meaning? For me it’s art!


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Seeing as you want to know about me, what about you?! I'll go first;) I'm currently studying Architecture at University. I love making models and drawing!

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