Amsterdamned if i do, Amsterdamned if I don’t

Recently I ventured to Amsterdam for a couple of days. It is the amazing capital city of the Netherlands!

The trip was short but sweet; however, it was enough time for me to be both captivated by the city itself and the liberal lifestyle of course. I stayed at a decent youth hostel on Oudezijds Voorburgwal. It had a nice atmosphere to it and had a smoking room to hang out in, called ‘Hotel the Globe Centre’ near Centraal Station, which is dead easy to get to and surrounded by coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants and loads of other attractions. Public transport is super easy, as is navigating around the city.

This is a random drawing I did from my imagination at the time, hope you like it.


Amsterdamned if i do amsterdamned if i dont.jpg


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Seeing as you want to know about me, what about you?! I'll go first;) I'm currently studying Architecture at University. I love making models and drawing!

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