The Canon AE-1 is the next generation SLR model from the original Canon A-1.

My cousin recently gave me his Canon AE-1 camera which was passed down to him from his father. It was a nice gesture- apart from the £50 he made me cough up, but still. He had no use for it and thought it would have a better time being used. It was in great condition and made for a fun project to start getting more into traditional photography.

At the time I was in the process of packing for Paris with my dad, so I decided to put my new camera to use and brought it with me!

I only had basic knowledge of most traditional cameras, so I kept a log (on the back of my sketchbook) of the F-stop, S-speed and ISO settings that I manually changed, so that when the pictures were developed I would know which settings I used on each one. This helped me to understand how camera’s work, also it gave me an idea of what I could improve for the next time I took pictures.

IMG_0633As you will probably have noticed I did change the ISO even though I should have kept it at 400 because of the film I used. However, I couldn’t help but mess around a bit:).


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